Advent – Week 1 – Day 1


Day 1 – Monday

The Greek word that appears in the New Testament that we translate as hope is defined as confident expectation. Hope is a general term that is more a sense that you have than it is a tangible feeling.

We use the word hope in a totally different context. We say things like, “I hope my team wins this game” or “I hope I pass my math test.” There is uncertainty involved in that sort of hope. The hope that Jesus has brought to the world is confi- dent expectation.

Tim Keller wrote,

“When September 11 happened and New Yorkers started to suffer, you heard two voices. You heard the convention- al moralistic voices saying, “When I see you suffer, it tells me about a judging God. You must not be living right, and so God is judging you.” When they see suffering, they see a judgmental God.

The secular voice said, “When I see people suffering, I see God missing.” When they see suffering, they see an absent, indifferent God.

But when we see Jesus Christ dying and suffering on the cross through an act of violence and injustice, what kind of God do we see then? A condemning God? No, we see a God of love paying for sin. Do we see a missing God? Absolutely not! We see a God who is not remote but involved.”

You and I live in a world where there is darkness, suffering, pain, and confusion. Much of the time God gets the blame for these things. But God sent Jesus into the world to bring hope in the middle of a dark world filled with suffering, pain, and confusion. This week we will look at hope and hoe God sent the gift of hope into the world with this one life.