“Advent” means the arrival of something or someone. In Christian theology, it refers to the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ. Christmas is a special time for the church as we celebrate the arrival of our hope & salvation through the birth, life, and the death of Jesus. It is a time when we look to the past. To remember God’s faithfulness to us by sending his son to earth. To be born in our place, to live in our place, and ultimately to die in our place. But it is also a time when we remember that God isn’t done yet. Right now, the Lord is spreading hope into the world through the advancement of His church, and the proclamation of His gospel. He is changing the world one life at a time, until the date when His second advent comes.
The Advent guide is a resource to help you and your family to prepare your hearts to celebrate Jesus this Christmas season. It contains short devotions for every day of the week leading up to the week of Christmas. Our prayer is for you to magnify the name of Jesus as you observe  Christmas with your friends and family.